Why Havelock Wool as a vegan?

The insulation I am using in the van (aside from the flooring) is Havelock Wool. Click the button below to go to their site and learn more about their product specifically for van-lifers.

Wool is a very effective, environmentally-friendly option for insulation. I once worked for Pendleton Woolen Company and know how warm a wool blanket or jacket can be; however, since going the vegan route, I didn’t know exactly where I stood anymore when it came to purchasing wool products.

Veganism teaches not to support the consumption or manufacturing of any animal products, which is great! I think there are some products; however, that if sourced respectfully, can not only be cruelty free, but make more sense for the environment. Wool and honey, for example. Yes, some wool companies do exploit sheep for their wool, and there are certainly terrible beekeepers. But let’s be real here. There are people who own wool companies that CARE about the sheep, and beekeepers that CARE about the bees. Let’s make that the norm. Havelock wool is one of those companies. In fact, they care about the Bees AND the sheep. You can read about that on their post “The Baaahs and the Bees”.

Click here to watch a video on where havelock wool comes from.

They are doing so much for the planet that I feel awesome supporting their business. Sometimes, you have to remove yourself from a label (like vegan) to make the best decisions all around. Aside from providing warm winter housing for bees, Havelock wool also advocates: Waste Removal, Bioliphic Design, Longevity of Nature, Health of your Lungs, Sequestering CO2, and more.