The dreadful "before" photos

I don’t completely know why, but I feel like I need to put these here.

I think it’s because doing so releases some of the shame of my current situation. If you read my introduction, then you know that I have a tendency to hide when I am uncomfortable. I want to break through that barrier. Vulnerability is almost a super power in today’s world . We can all hide behind a screen and make our lives appear perfect. Well mine isn’t and I’m not.

You want to know the truth? I was DREADING taking these photos today. But something even more surprising? I smiled when I looked at them. I felt happy with who I saw in on my camera screen. Not because of how I look, but because of who is beneath it all.

I have put in some serious emotional WORK over the past couple years and it is paying off. I can’t wait to say the same for physical progress one day.

So I won’t chat your ears (or, um, eyes) off with this post.

Here’s to those scary first steps, and embarrassing “before” photos.