Hormone Reset: An overview

I am on week two of Shawn Stevenson’s Fat Loss Code 6-week program. The program is unlike others in that it takes a very non-aggressive approach. Rather, it is an educational guideline that teaches you how to avoid health challenges, chronic diseases, and how to optimize your health, happiness, and sleep. It is not self-paced, so every seven days, a new assignment unlocks; I’m enjoying it so far.

I also listen to Shawn’s Podcast The Model Health Show which is how I was introduced to the Hormone Reset. On an episode about hormone health, Shawn invited M.D Sara Gottfried who specializes in Women’s Health and believes in treating the root issues rather than symptoms. She wrote a book called The Hormone Reset which I downloaded on audible. I have already finished the book and have decided to give the reset a try.

The reset lasts 21 days, 3 days per hormone, 7 major metabolic hormones--


Every three days, you cut out a food item that commonly causes a disruption with a relating hormone. For example, the for first three days, you cut out red meat which is known to cause estrogen dominance. After three days, estrogen should be reset, but you leave red meat out for the entirety of the 21 days. After the 21 days is up, you slowly reintroduce the foods and see how they affect you.

The hormone reset is very similar to the elimination diet which allows you to learn which foods your body is sensitive to; except it isn’t as restricting, and it focuses solely on hormones.

I am staring the reset tomorrow, and will log the information that Dr. Gottfried recommends that you keep track of on here.